Iron Orchid Design | Mixing White bottle on a marbled background.
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Iron Orchid Design | Ink | Mixing White

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Mixing white is called that because it isn't as opaque as a stand alone white would be. It is used for lightening up other colors. If you want to make pink you would use tomotto and the mixing white. It can be used alone however,  it's a bit sheer so keep that in mind.

IOD Décor Ink is specifically designed for home decor. Use with IOD Décor stamps to create distinctive pieces for your home. Fabric: Recommended for natural fibres. Test for colorfastness. Dry for 24 hours and heat set with iron before washing. Walls: Recommended for flat or matte finished walls. Furniture: Perfect for flat and matte painted surfaces. After projects are thoroughly dried, protect your creations with the surface appropriate sealer of choice. Pigment rich, archival, acid-free, fade-resistant, waterproof and permanent on recommended surfaces when dry. Dry time depends on surface and conditions.

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