Mandela dotting tools- 8 pack on white background.
Mandela dotting tool | Mandela Painted Rock.
Mandela dotting tool | Mandela Painted Rock.
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Mandela Dotting Tool | 8 pk

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The art of dotting, pointillism, or dotillism makes your mind slow down, as you concentrate on each dot. ​When your mind slows, your (sometimes hidden) creativity can take center stage.
​Mandala Stone painting has very similar meditative benefits to adult coloring, plus these additional ones too:  

  • Very RELAXING 
  • You get to use your own creativity
  • Increases your inner focus
  • Self-calming and soothing
  • Is highly addictive
  • Ability to reduce anxiety and depression
  • Gain confidence in your creativity
  • Gain the confidence to try other art modalities 

A fun activity for all the family.

These 8 Mandala Dotting Tools are double-ended to give you 16 different incremental dot sizes (Approx .5mm to 10mm). Each size is numbered to help you easily create and recreate perfect patterns. The design allows users to create perfect circles without practice or experience.

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