Our Story

Linda and Jaimie


Creating has been a part of Linda's life since she was very young. Growing up in the Okanagan Valley with a fruit orchard and horses, Linda's house was filled with antiques. After high school, she ventured out on her own and bought all the new and modern furniture to fill her apartment. Years later when Linda was old enough to realize her mother knew what she was talking about (antiques are real wood!) she started collecting her own pieces. She now lives in a 100 year old house with her husband Jaimie and their two rescue cats. It is filled with antiques, collectibles, and pieces inherited from family members.

While spending their days off at their trailer in the Shuswap, Linda and her husband, Jaimie, came into Salmon Arm to shop and wander the downtown area. During this time they decided they wanted to move from Kelowna and made an appointment to see a 1920s house that was for sale. It was so different and a lot smaller than their beautiful view home in Kelowna but they fell in love. They sold their house in Kelowna and in October 2016 moved to Salmon Arm. Linda operated "Paint It Up and Pass It On" for 5 years in the Kelowna area. After a year in Salmon Arm, Linda agreed (with Jaimie) that they should open a retail store. While on a late night stroll through the downtown area they found the perfect space. For 5 weeks they painted, renovated and filled their space at 121 Hudson Avenue NE, Salmon Arm to get ready for their October 5th, 2017 opening.

Rome was not built in a day and neither was RE-Market etc.  It is ever changing so stop by often to browse, be inspired, or just talk paint!

They spend their free time sourcing great products (new & used) for the store as well as some help from friends throughout BC and as far away as Saskatchewan. 

RE-Market etc. stocks the largest selection of paint products designed for furniture and home decor products in the Okanagan/Shuswap area.  They are Stockists for Fusion Mineral Paint, Homestead House Milk Paint, Iron Orchid Design products, and more!

On many days you will be greeted by Jaimie at the store while Linda is back at the workshop creating new pieces. On days that Jaimie is away driving Zamboni (yes, that's his real job!), Linda will be in the store.

Thank you Salmon Arm for the warm welcome you have given us in the four years we have lived here and for the support you have given us since we opened RE-Market  etc.