Homestead House Milk Paint | Swedish Collection | Kurbits Indigo
Homestead House Milk Paint | Swedish Collection | Kurbits Indigo
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Homestead House Milk Paint | Swedish Collection | Kurbits Indigo

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he HH Milk Paint Swedish Collection features 6 new Swedish heritage colours. Developed by Homestead House European distributor and milk paint professional Goedele François´. Originally from Belgium but has lived in Sweden for the past five years. These colours were inspired by her love of Swedish culture, traditions, fine craftsmanship, seasonal living and interior design. Inspired by Swedish culture, tradition, fine craftsmanship and seasonal living. Each shade reflects a deep connection with nature-based tradition and seasonal living history. The colours are the perfect fit for the unique properties of milk paint, splendid for creating a beautiful, natural finish in any home.

Kurbits folk Swedish painting originated in the 18th century. Mostly known for the beautiful drawings of the iconic wooden Dala horses.  A pigment often used in kurbits painting is a very dark indigo blue. This dark blue hue also reminds us of the blue-chequered textiles used in Swedish interiors. Reminiscent of the deep moody blue colour of blueberries growing abundantly in the Swedish woods. Pair this saturated hue with a neutral colour for a more balanced look.

Coverage - 330g (1 Quart / 0.5 lbs) 70-75 ft² (a dresser and a side table)

Homestead House milk paints are biodegradable and Zero VOC!

Homestead House colours depict the pioneer and colonial era of colours popular in those time periods. 

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